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How do you make career ownership concrete for your employees? (Dutch)

Today's job market is constantly changing: digitization is on the rise, burn-out and absenteeism seem to affect every company, different generations come together in the same workplace and competences fade faster and faster. Today's jobs are evolving and that brings a lot of uncertainty. In the midst of this uncertainty, everyone is expected to take control of his / her career. But where do you start? Senior Talent Expert An-Sofie Dewaele explains in our webinar how to tackle all these challenges.

How to use augmented analytics in HR

Data & analytics are one of the biggest trends in HR right now. In this webinar Reggy-Charles Degen takes you on a journey towards a simplified process for using augmented analytics in HR. Discover the countless results, such as improved transparency, time saving, reduced attrition, increased productivity, higher employee satisfaction, and apply them to your own organization.

Here are some of the common myths we broke during this webinar:

  • People analytics are not difficult and expensive to get.
  • People analytics are not only for large corporations.
  • People analytics don't require advanced Excel and statistics interpretations skills.

English Webinar
How to use augmented analytics in HR

Dutch webinar
Hoe gebruik je augmented analytics in HR

French Webinar
Comment faire de vos managers des people managers?

How to turn managers into people managers?

ReggyManagers face so many challenges today, that they will have to collaborate and cooperate on the development of their teams. Reggy-Charles Degen, lecturer at Solvay Brussels School, tells you all about the four conditions for managers to collaborate successfully.

  • A common framework.
  • A universal, intuitive HR language.
  • Objective facts and data.
  • Productivity thanks to digital tools.

English Webinar
How to turn managers into people managers

Dutch webinar
Hoe maak je van je managers people managers

French Webinar
Comment faire de vos managers des people managers

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