UQ Career

UQ Career

A career coach for every employee

UQ Career is a personal development- & career coach for every professional. It is intuitive, surprising and fun to do. It is a private zone to discover your Talents, Motivation drivers, your matching Role Path in the organization and an option to engage into online & blended learning.

The Team builder app helps to visualize competences, develop and build agile teams and improve the human connection in teh company based on personal qualities and strengths. 

UQ Experts & Services

A certified UQ Talent expert or HR professional elevates your people success factor and performance to another level. He or she facilitates valuable personal development, career coaching, recruitment, outplacement and different innovative formats for team development & team building

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  • Continuous personal development of every employee

  • Real time Human Potential analytics and insights.

  • Higher employability, active career ownership and improved retention

  • Better team cohesion and cooperation with increased performance

  • Possibility to share talents with colleagues, also on preferred HRIS & Software platforms

Your talent

UQ team

Research of the Antwerp Management School (UA) has revealed that most individuals can name only a maximum of 2 to 3 talents of their own. The UQ Talent Scan gives an accurate insight into at least 15 of your personal talents, your interests, challenges, drivers and growth potential. It is a great starting point for further personal development, energized career paths and alignment between who you are and what you do.

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UQ Connect

The human capital in the cloud

UQ Talent Connect is the digital platform where everything comes together. The personal profiles can (if desired) be viewed individually or shared with colleagues with the UQ app. The digital Coaching & HR tools come with different modules for Coaching-, HR- and Recruitment processes. The entire Human Capital in the cloud!