Het Talent en Motivatie Kompas

The Talent & Motivation Compass

The Talent and Motivation CompassHow well do you know yourself?

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Career ownership is a hot topic. Every employee is expected to take control of his career and make the right choices in his further development. But where do you start? What can be the role of the employer? Has anyone received a manual? Nope!

Give your employees a personal, inspiring and motivating gift!

With the Talent & Motivation Compass you send a personal and inspiring gift to your entire team or organization, indicating how much your employees mean to you and how want to develop them further. With this simple and individual approach, you strengthen the foundation of your human capital as a future-proof organization.

The compass is available from €60 p.p. Let your employees discover and develop themselves based on their intrinsic talents, motivation and satisfaction. It all starts with self-knowledge, self-confidence and the belief in your own abilities and potential. The energy and engagement come naturally!
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The Talent Scan
The Talent Scan
The Motivation Compass
The Motivation Compass