SME e-wallet

Receive a subsidy for training and/or advice

KMO-portefeuilleUQ Talents NV was certified by the Flemish Government as a registered service provider for the training and advice services.

The SME e-wallet (KMO-portefeuille) allows SMEs and practitioners of liberal professions up to €10.000 (for small companies) or €15.000 (for medium-sized companies) to receive support for training and advice.

  • The Training approval number of UQ Talents NV is DV.O229555
  • The Advice approval number of UQ Talents NV is DV.A229556.

In summary

  • For whom? SMEs and practitioners of liberal professions.
  • For which service? Training and advice.
  • For what amount? Up to €10.000/year for small businesses (the support percentage is 40%).
    Up to €15.000/year for medium-sized companies (the support percentage is 30%).

More information

All information about the SME e-wallet is available on their website. If you have any questions, you can always ask for more information via the links below or the free number 08/002.05.55.

More information via UQ

More information via the Flemish Government