Q7 Reward

Q7 Reward

Q7 Reward is an advisory tool that enables an executive team or reward manager to distribute and manage their salary increase budgets across the different teams, divisions or countries in a simple, objective, equitable, gender neutral and auditable way. Thanks to the Q7 HRframework™ all of this can be done in real-time and in just a few hours. Every decision is fact-based and of course it is collaborative.

Q7 Reward makes it possible to benchmark every aspect of your reward strategy and at the same time identify and eliminate pay gaps within a sector, a territory, a M&A transaction or any other scope.

Q7 Experts & Services

Our Q7 Reward Experts elevate and accelerate your reward process to equity, efficiency and unexpected results. Based on our Q7 HRframework™ they are able to co-create and validate a sustainable compensation & benefits strategy in no time.

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  • Q7 Reward

    Reward alignment across teams, divisions, countries and intercompany

  • Maximised time saving and real-time, collaborative insights

  • Cost efficient, auditable, trustworthy, salary policy and decisions

  • Benchmarkable and compatible with all major market data providers

  • Enabling efficient M&A and organizational transformation processes