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Become a better people manager

Q7 Leader turns every manager into a better and objective people manager with the Q7 best HR-management practices in one tool, real-time people analytics and a development plan for every employee. Managers and HR have continuous insights of where and which action, decision and development is needed to ensure a sustainable and objective workforce- and reward planning.

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Q7 Leader Team Development Scan
Q7 Leader Full Suite

The Team Development Scan is a last generation Talent Management and Succession Planning App. It identifies your talent potential and a development plan for every employee, at all levels of the organization. It generates real-time analytics and benchmarks including Competence, Performance and Potential dashboards. It is very quick to implement in any organization, whatever the size. 


The Full Suite contains everything you need to ensure you don't leave your Team Members on the side of the road in the digital era with clear role profiles, objectives and continuous feedback. It's ready-to-use, fully integrated and guarantees objectivity . It combines an agile organization design methodology with a state-of-the-art Competence, Performance, Talent and Reward management framework.  And of course real-time analytics and benchmarks. 


The 7 universal building blocks

Q7  Leader transforms the management of your Human Resources. It integrates the 7 people management building blocks that you need to efficiently manage your organization in the digital era. Now available and ready-to-use on different SaaS and HRIS platforms (Salesforce, SuccessFactorsTalentSoft,...).

The 7 universal building blocks1. Organization design including Generic Role Profiles

2. Competence Development Framework

3. Performance Optimization Framework

4. Talent Potential Framework

5. Reward and Benefits Framework

6. Vision and Values Framework

7. Workforce Planning Framework



  • Q7 LeaderEmbedding a universal, future-proof methodology and terminology.

  • Better and inspired (people) managers on all levels of the company.

  • Higher productivity and performance across the organization.

  • Active collaborative thinking between managers in the organization.

  • Sustainable, strategic organizational design & thinking.

Q7 HR Framework
How it all started

Q7 Leader - Decide today,
start tomorrow!

Q7 Leader - Turn managers
into collaborative leaders

Q7 Leadership DayBring your people managers to the next level 

The Q7 Leadership Day is a full day for 5-10 executives or managers combining an inspiring leadership in the digital era training with a Team Development Scan including real-time people analytics. It allows to create Advanced Personal Development Plans including succession planning for up to 50 team members.

At the end of the day managers have augmented insights and dashboards indicating where, when and which action and/or development is needed in the team to ensure individual growth and strategic workforce planning.

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