Q7 Leader

Q7 Leader

An all-in-one solution for your HR

Map your human capital? Strengthen your team from within? Grow into an objective and valued people manager? As the exclusive partner of Q7 Leader in the Benelux, UQ offers a solution to all these challenges.

Q7 Leader is an intuitive and collaborative people management tool that gives team managers, managers, HR and CEO's a clear view of the growth potential of their organization and how to develop their team members.
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API HRIS integrations

API HRIS integrations


You can make exclusive use of the Team Development Scan which connects easily to your current HR software. On the other hand, you can sign up for a complete HR solution including administration, onboarding, training, development, etc. Ideal for companies with at least 25 employees.

Via the desktop version or user-friendly app, managers match every employee with their corresponding roles, competencies and achievements. Result? An objective representation of all company levels. An HR tool that provides guidance and saves time in both daily and strategic decisions.

Q7 Leader e-HR is the most intelligent, efficient and modular e-HR software on the market based on its real-time analytics and insights.


Organizational design

Q7 Leader supports you in defining a detailed and realistic organization design. Our certified HR experts sharpen the responsibilities, team roles, company values and vision within your organization.

Reward consulting

Q7 Leader guides you through the preparation and implementation of a transparent and compliant reward policy. Rewards can traditionally be linked to performance, but can also be a benefit for those who excel in promoting your company values.

Leadership coaching

Based on the analytics from your Q7 Leader environment, our coaches can help you as a manager to gradually evolve into a better people manager who motivates his team members and supports talent.



Do you prefer an offline solution? Then the Leadership Day is the right formula for your company. During this inspiring event for up to 10 to 15 managers, you map out your entire workforce in one day. You return home with practically applicable insights and up-to-date dashboards that boost personal growth and staff planning. You also receive numerous hands-on tips for coaching leadership, real-time analysis of employees, effective succession planning, etc.

The 7 functionalities of Q7 Leader

1. HR Administration
  • Personnel database
  • ESS / MSS
  • Job descriptions
  • Competence management
2. Onboarding & Integration
  • Who's who
  • Document management
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Trial period
  • Improvement planning
3. Performance Management
  • Configuration of role profiles
  • Setting objectives and expectations
  • Continuous and annual feedback
  • Project evaluation


4. Team Development Scan
  • Talent management and development
  • Q7 HR Framework
  • Potential, performance and competences
  • Workforce planning
  • Calibration manager input
5. Analytics & Insights
  • Real-time analytics and insights
  • Dynamic dashboards and benchmarks
  • Own reports and excel export
6. Training &Development
  • ESS / MSS
  • Training portfolio
  • Schedule sessions
  • 360° and manager scan
7. Reward
  • API connectivity payroll systems
  • Q7 Reward advisory tool

The 7 benefits of Q7 Leader

Benefits Q7 Leader1. Get a holistic approach and complete overview of your entire human capital.
2. Develop better people managers based on analytics and insights.
3. Experience a total solution for a sustainable talent strategy.
4. Improve both your strategic and daily decisions.
5. Fully align the tool with your analysis, strategy and vision.
6. Roll out all modules at your own pace, without extra costs.
7. Enjoy years of experience and best practices.

The 7 good reasons to choose Q7 Leader

1. The only e-HR solution on the market with real-time analytics and applicable insights.
2. A ready-to-use HRIS based on your processes and workflows. Within 5 days and within your budget!
3. A customized solution without the disadvantages of customized development.
4. Intelligent interfacing with your other systems. No more double data entry!
5. Guidance and guarantee of the success of your project, without the pitfalls.
6. A proven SaaS solution, active in more than 45 countries for multinationals and SMEs.
7. Maintenance and adjustments by our own team, without surprises.

The 7 HRIS project pitfalls that we want to avoid

Pitfalls Q7 Leader
1. Failing to deliver on time and within budget.
2. Getting lost in details and spend too much time on functional analysis.
3. Not giving the highest priority to value creation for the company.
4. Not relying on best practices and investing in customized development.
5. Losing sight of changing needs due to a lack of flexibility.
6. Only offering processes without intelligence.
7. Not getting buy-in from management and end-users from the start of the project.

The 7 strategic challenges that we want to take on

1. Aligning the personnel strategy with the business strategy and vision.
2. Developing a sustainable strategy around workability and employability.
3. Applying a personnel policy based on objective facts and figures.
4. Developing line managers into good people managers.
5. Developing every employee based on his own strengths.
6. Ensuring that digitization supports the strategy and transforms the company.
7. Focus on making decisions instead of collecting data.

Yasmine Couderc
Group Head of Talent at Easyfairs

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