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Turn managers into people managers

The n°1 competence all leaders should master is to identify, develop, engage and retain Talents on all management levels of a company. Paradoxically, managers declare that their weak spot today is the management of their existing talents and even more so when it comes to engaging with new generations of talents.

We believe that it is vital for “learning” organisations to address this challenge now if they don’t want to face major people breakdowns in the next 3 to 5 years. Our research and international HR practice has fortunately revealed a quick and efficient way to get managers ready to address this challenge. It’s inspired from the “Collaborative Revolution”: make them work together because “two heads are better than one”.

The key drivers to successfully make managers work together on people management and create a culture of consistent evaluation, recognition and decision-making are (1) talent centricity (2) a universal and common HR language, (3) objective facts & data and (4) digital tools to increase productivity. This why we have translated more than 20 years of research and development in our collaborative, easy-to-use solutions for all your talent and leadership development. Get your HR- and Talent basics right, empower managers to become leaders and create some quality time to invest in a real human centric organization!

The only real HR trend is the Human Being

In a world where analytics are more and more normal we leverage human expertise enabled by high-performance technology. We believe in the entering of the Human Age. An era where the connection to the very core of people’s being, their humanity brings value, adds meaning and leads to fulfilment. Developing and engaging talents and leading teams remains a people business. The performance and effectiveness in using data depends on the quality of the human intervention. All our tools are enablers of collaboration and human connection.

A new way of working and thinking

HR needs to reinvent itself in this new world of working. The digitalisation of selection and recruitment, the war for talent, different generations at work, new types of jobs and new co-working models demand a dynamic and new HR approach. I-deals, jobcrafting, flat organisations,... they all demand the identification and right deployment of talents. Doing this in an efficient way, will play an important role in retaining, motivating and inspiring individuals and teams. The UQ Career approach to combine talents, motivation and role profiles are maximizing employability. 

Connecting Human & Digital

We combine both digitalisation and humanisation. For leveraging the talent data & analytics, you can rely on our network of certified Talent Experts. They enable individuals to take ownership of their careers and accompany managers and companies to get a fast and unique process for talent identification, talent development and talent employability. You can also choose to become certified yourself as coach, manager, recruiter or reward specialist and get to work with our SaaS solutions and formats for building talent driven careers, teams and companies.

25 years of research and development

UQ Career

The UQ Talent & Strength Finder, at the origin of UQ Career, is the result of 25 years of intensive research and development by the UQ Research Center, founded in 1995 by Civil Engineer Luc Van Renterghem. After additional studies in Psychology in Paris, he and his team started studying the relation between the brain, subconscious choices of images and colors of more than 7.000 different individuals and their personality DNA. They were able to identify clear and consistent relations between the unconscious choices and personality DNA which resulted in our UQ Talent & Strength Finder which was developed by our UQ team.

We define talent as a special natural ability and part of the very core of an individual. Talents cannot be taught. If a person does not have a particular talent, there is very little a person can do to inject it into themselves or others. Talent needs to be identified. Once identified, it can lead to talent based development of competences, sustainable career paths, agile teams and outstanding performance.

Q7 Leader

The ground-breaking Q7 HR Framework and the Q7 Leader collaborative app were invented and developed by Professor Reggy-Charles Degen who has 17 years of International/global HR end-to-end accountability in international groups from 500 to 80,000 employees and is Head of Leadership Module EMM at Solvay - ULB, Brussels Schools of Economics & Management. 

His mission is to simplify and objectivize HR and optimize the Return on Human Capital Investment by empowering managers with a universal system and language. Line managers are more and more HR managers. Key enablers: organization design and transformation - HR management processes simplification and (web) automation, always through interaction with the manager and the employee. After years of development and research, his developed applications and services have a proven track record in large global companies as well as SME environments. UQ is official development & distribution partner of Q7 Leader.

Reggy-Charles Degen
Luc Van Reterghem

Prevention and wellbeing

  • Improved performance. 
  • Greater engagement.
  • A retained, diverse talent pool.
  • Reduced absenteeism and burnout. 
  • A responsible and engaged culture.

These are just some of the results our clients experience when working with us. Stimulate people to do what they do best every day, empower managers to develop and engage their talents in a consistent, objective way and show recognition. All this in a human, connected and collaborative environment. Needless to say this all leads to more personal happiness and well-being at work.

Success in business is all about people, people, people.
Whatever industry a company is in, its employees are always
its biggest competitive advantage.

– Richard Branson –


We are passionate about people. We love what we do, developing and energizing individuals, leaders and teams in order to help building great places to work. We hope we inspired you to get in touch and meet our team members and experts so we can work together, exchange ideas or for you to become part of the UQ Career and Q7 Leader journey one way or another.   
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