HR services and coaching

HR services and coaching

Identifying talents gives an insight into what competences can be developed, leading towards outstanding performance, high energy levels and happy employees. 

By its nature, talent is potential. A potential that has or has not yet been translated into a competence. Talent development refers to the conversion of talent into the ability to perform.

Our certified Talent Experts enable individuals, leaders and organizations to unlock the full power and potential from within - delivering coaching programs that ignite energy, flow and outstanding results.

They stand for people's greatness. They build on talents. They are challenging and supportive at the same time. They believe that every person and situation is transformable. 

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Coaching Program

The UQ talent trajectories have talents at the heart. We start with an agreement on the purpose and intended outcomes and use the Talent Dashboards to coach individuals and teams towards new levels of being, acting and performing.

Personal Coaching – Career coaching

The UQ Talent dashboard offers a basis for personal coaching in the broadest sense: career guidance, reorientation, growth trajectories, leadership management, outplacement, choosing field of study, etc. This can be organized as a one-off coaching or in different sessions. By emphasizing your talents and doing the things you are good at, you will grow and be happy at work.

On an individual level we focus on talent identification, talent integration and behavioral change. This process involves many steps, including identifying things done at excellence, claiming them as strong points, naming them, sharing them with others, consciously thinking about how performance can be maximized if behaviors and talents are aligned, adding necessary knowledge and skills, and actively using the talents whenever possible.


  • Fast & accurate talent identification and recognition
  • Acceleration of performance
  • Immediate insight into the impact an individual can make within a team
  • Increased level of employee engagement and energy
  • Decreased levels of stress, tension and absenteeism
  • Happy people, happy performance

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Executive Coaching

Talent Experts connect to who you are as a leader. They invite leaders to explore their talents and help them to achieve their development goals and extraordinary results.

Why should you book a Talent Expert for an executive coaching session?
  •    Fast & accurate talent identification and recognition
  •    Stronger leadership pipeline to sustain and improve organizational performance
  •    Insight in the leadership potential for the organization
  •    Improved capacity to achieve defined goals
  •    Increased level of engagement and energy

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